Here we classify the types of written works that AniList accepts submissions for. This list is exhaustive, so if you don't see a type that contains the media you're submitting, it's likely that it's ineligible for submission.

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Frequently rejected manga titles



Database Criteria

There is a limitation on manga that can be accepted to the site. Notably, they should be works that were first published through a reputable Japanese publisher. Doujinshi is an exception, please refer to that section for further explanation.

Example magazines include things such as:

There are many sites that work with multiple publishers to release serializations digitally, such as PixivComicComicWalker, and Nico Nico Seiga.

Works published on sites like Twitter or Pixiv’s non-comic section are usually not accepted unless they are titled works uploaded by an author already in serialization, in which they’ll be classed as doujinshi.

Any accepted works from Comico or similar webtoon portals should be from the official section only, and not the self-publishing challenge section.

<aside> 💡 TIP In the event of a series having several, simultaneously running serializations with no clear main series AND a volume release that contains chapters from multiple of those serializations, a separate entry should be made for the volume releases. All serializations that have chapters in them are then to be connected to it through the Contains/Compilation relation.

Example: The series Himegoto contains serializations from Waai!, Waai! Mahalo, **Comic Rex,** and Febri. All four serializations are eligible to receive their own entry.


<aside> 💡 TIP In the case where the original serialization is modified for a new ending, both editions in their entirety may be added to the site.

Example: Shaman King concluded serialization in 2004 with an improvised ending. A new version with additional chapters and a proper ending was released between 2008 and 2009 under the title Shaman King Kanzanban. In contrast to MAL, where only the new chapters are in the Kanzanban entry, all chapters (including one-shots and extras) and volumes are to be included in the count.


Doujinshi into Licensed Manga

If series originally self-published online through platforms like Twitter or Pixiv (considered doujinshi) are later picked up by a professional publisher and released without significant change, any existing entry in AniList under the doujinshi format would be updated to manga by checking the Self Published option (retaining the original self-published start date).