Every submission to AniList has to be reviewed by the data moderation team. Depending on the quality, accuracy, and validity of a submission, mods may opt to accept, partially accept, or refuse your submission.

Your submission is much more likely to be approved if it is substantiated by several high-quality sources.

<aside> ⚠️ Note: AniList does not treat entries the same way other media tracking sites do.

For example:

Once a submission is made, you can go to My Profile > Submissions to view the status of your submissions, along with any notes or feedback provided by the moderator who reviewed it.

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Common Questions

👉 Next steps

Before we go on to get our own submission reviewed, let's start reading up on what it takes for a submission to be approved. Let's head over to the Submission Checklist.

Did we miss something? Have any questions? Let us know on the AniList Discord in the #submission-support channel.